The Deadliest Cachers' Trekkie Trail is a 1.7 mile adventure that spans from Wendt Beach Park to Bennett Beach Park in the Evans/Angola, NY area. Along the trail are 13 distinct caches that are themed after the Star Trek franchise.  The best way to cache the trail is to assemble your landing party and go on foot.  There is ample parking for your Starships at either one of the parks. Some explorers also opt to use their 2 wheeled shuttle crafts to complete the trek.  

This is the number for the first cache on the Trekkie Trail: GC3Q9VR, so pack up your gear and charge up your tricorders because it's time to boldly go where no cacher has gone before.

In addition to the 13 Trekkie caches, there are also 19 more Alien caches (caches hidden by others) that are in the general vicinity. This means that the opportunity to pick up 31 caches in a reasonable period of time should be a great incentive to put this on your geocaching 'To Do' list.