or Nancy, her given name, is the one who discovered the hobby.  She sets up the caching adventures, downloads the cache information into Geepers (the GPS) and keeps the team's backpack loaded with supplies.  Stinger also drives the cachemobile, which currently has a travel bug attached to it.  If you see the insect around town hitching a ride, don't forget to log the sighting.  She also designs and produces all of the cache hides that are owned by The Deadliest Cachers.

As a profession, she is employed by the largest toy store in the world, which is perfectly suited to her claim of being just a 'big kid' at heart.  In addition to geocaching, Stinger enjoys writing, graphic arts, weightlifting and web site design.  She has been a student of the Bible since 1972 (read her story).
or Marie as most people call her, is Stinger's sister.  Doomsday is in charge of keeping track of the cache finds.  She is also the one with the rope.  Her keen eye and superior intelligence (which she never let's anyone forget that she has) is often instrumental in zeroing in on those hard to spot caches that can drive you bonkers.  Also being a mathematical wizard, Doomsday solves a lot of the puzzle caches.

Her day job is being a school teacher.  In her free time Doomsday is also a master gardener in addition to a gourmet cook.  She has been a student of the Bible since 1972.
If you happen meet us out on the cache trail or at an event, we would love to get to know you and hear all of your tall tales of geocaching. See you out on the trail.

the sister act...